Clinical Volunteers

**At this time we welcome expressions of interest, as we pursue official NGO registration in Iraq. Please send in an application and we will collaborate with you on dates as soon as possible!**

Are you a maternal health practitioner well versed in the midwifery model of care, or a mental health professional with a heart for IDPs/refugees?  We'd love to have you on our team!  We  are presently utilizing an integrated model of care to provide antenatal/postnatal support for the IDP/refugee community currently housed in Iraqi Kurdistan. Each team of midwife and therapist will work together to provide respectful, compassionate care for pregnant and postpartum women in our cachement area. A strong respect for collaborative care is absolutely required.

We are currently not catching babies here; this is done in government sponsored health centers and hospitals, or if this is not possible, by traditional birth attendants in the camps.  It is our hope to raise enough money for our own clinic soon!  

It is desirable to have previous experience in low resourced areas, humanitarian response, international development, or global health.  We are conducting  formal research studies around our model, so meticulous record keeping is essential; previous work in public health research would be lovely.

Kurdish and Arabic speakers are highly encouraged to apply!

Midwives of all stripes are welcome, provided they  are legal to work in their area of residence. Maternity nurses (will be put on a team with a midwife), or obstetricians who have a deep and working familiarity with the midwifery model of care and midwife-led units are also encouraged to apply.   Mental health therapists, especially those familiar with short term psychodynamic therapies are needed, and like midwives, must be legal to practice in their place of residence.  

This is a dynamic, always changing environment, so it is essential that our volunteers arrive ready to hit the ground running.  You will be fully oriented by our Clinical Director and Operations Coordinator on the ground, and will have access to a myriad of pre-trip information.


Additionally, all volunteers are required to take this six hour course in Psychological First Aid:



and the WHO Minimum Essential Service Package for Reproductive Health:


Due to cultural predilections, it is not possible for us to accept male field volunteers at this time. Please check out our Operations Volunteers page for more information on how to support us in a non-clinical role. We would be delighted to have you!

Global Motherhood Initiative works primarily in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq. We do have plans to expand into other areas, so your volunteer trip may end up being elsewhere within the region.

We take the safety of our volunteers very seriously.  We are have an Adverse Happenings Plan that has been developed in consultation with local security advisers, and are constantly updating our protocols. Our region is considered to be  safe at this time; but there regional conflicts around us.  This  is an unstable region, and we expect our team to respect the ramifications of working in a war torn country. That said, we feel confident in our preparations and there are always contingency plans in place.

We welcome volunteers who wish to stay for at least a minimum of two weeks. Please know that visitors to Kurdistan from the UK, US, EU, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are given a free thirty day visa, upon arrival. Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Japan and South Korea also have visa arrangements, but please check with the Kurdish Embassy in your home country, as these are subject to change.  All other nationalities require a visa before embarking on your trip.  Again, please check with your Kurdish representative in your home country before making travel arrangements.  GMI is not responsible for travel issues in connection with Kurdish visas.

Please note that when applying for visas or receiving them at the airport or at an overland crossing, the Kurdish visa is only valid for travel within the Kurdistan region of Iraq.  Travel to other regions in Iraq is prohibited, unless other permissions have been obtained by GMI.

If you wish to stay for longer than 30 days (and we hope you will!) please make arrangements to leave and re-enter the country every thirty days.  Flights to the Mediterranean countries are cheap and easy, and it is important to schedule some rest and relaxation when working in a challenging environment such as this.  

Volunteers stay in a modern flat, located close to the project site.  It is fully furnished.  Depending on the number of volunteers, you may be asked to share a room.

GMI is an all volunteer organization, entirely dependent on donor funding.  Volunteers are responsible for their own plane tickets, food, and lodging.  As mentioned above, a volunteer flat is available, for $50 USD per week. (If this is a hardship, please let us know.) We do not charge a volunteer fee.

Yes, please!  We would love to support you in your efforts, and are very grateful for any financial contributions.  Please check out our fundraising page for some fun and creative ideas!  -Coming Soon -

 Please be in touch with us before your trip and we can suggest any in-kind donations that might be needed.  

Form Coming Soon. We look forward to hearing from you!

Operational Volunteers

Our organization cannot run without help from our dedicated operational volunteers.  This group of dedicated people from around the world keep our wheels turning and our heads spinning!  If you would like to join our team, please check out the opportunities below, and apply here (link to application)  And if you don't see a job matching you skill set, please fill out the application anyway.  We may just find the perfect spot for you!  


Web Coordinator:

Are you a tech person, with a philanthropic heart?  How about taking on our website updates and maintenance?  You would be providing a much needed service to our GMI community, as the closest we get to web stuff is a love for old Spiderman comics.


Social Media Coordinator:

We admit it...we are sometimes twits about tweets!  Are you a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook fan? Can you help us get our message of compassionate health care out out into the world? Give us a shout, and we'd be grateful for your help.  


Grant Writer/Development Officer:

Are you a development professional wanting to donate your skills?  Grants writers are our favorite kind of writers!  Help us help the refugees and IDPs in Iraq by connecting us with funding sources and other sources of financial support.

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