Due to the recent refugee crisis,

more mothers have now been displaced than at any other time in our planet's history

1 in every 5  women among refuge and internally displaced persons populations experience sexual/reproductive violence.  Amongst many communities, such as the Yazedi in northern Iraq, this number is thought to be much higher.


We have a generation of mothers whose basic humanity is being denied.  

More mothers have been displaced

than at any other time in our planet's history

1 in every 5 displaced women among populations, such as the Yazedi in Iraq Kurdistan, experience sexual/reproductive violence.


Add to this number the new mothers already suffering from untreated PTSD, or the effects of almost unquantifiable stress and you have a generation of mothers whose basic humanity is being denied.  

Global Motherhood Initiative knows the world is changing.

People forced to flee homes

0 Million

...people are considered refugees. More people have been displaced than at any other time in our planet's history.
people displaced by war

0 People

...per day were forced to flee their homes and livelihoods in 2015.

Of these, the overwhelming majority, according to the European Commission, are women and children. Women, especially those of childbearing age, are overwhelmingly more vulnerable to sexual/reproductive violence, not only from armed actors or military personnel, but from community members, or intimate partners.

When most survivors become pregnant and seek maternity care, they are faced with fragmented services and a system which does not integrate extreme psychological trauma with reproductive health care.

So we are pioneering an innovative model of maternity care.

Global Motherhood Initiative is pioneering an innovative model of maternity care. The T-SIPS model (Transformative System of Integrated Perinatal Services) was designed in consultation with expert midwives, mental health professionals, and local public health authorities on the ground. Gentle, respectful, mother-centered midwifery care is completely integrated with deep trauma therapy.  Each visit is attended by both a midwife with education in trauma informed care, and a therapist specializing in refugee/IDP issues, with  training in basic maternal health. All care plans are written cooperatively, with guidance from the mother herself.

Currently we are working with the Yazedi population in Iraq.

Non profit in Iraq

GMI is currently working primarily with the Yazedi population in Iraq. The Yazedi were specifically targeted by ISIS in August 2014, in what the United Nations is calling a genocide. Yazedi villages were overrun, with horrific outcomes. The horrific legacy of these systematic attacks against these people will take generations to erase.  

  • Systematic rape and other forms of sexual violence, perpetrated on girls as young as 9

  • Kidnapping of the women, and forced marriage to ISIS fighters

  • Sexual slavery/human trafficking of women and young boys

  • Separation of families, with most older men being killed, while young men and boys as young as 8 taken to be trained as ISIS terrorists

An Opportunity for healing

Of the women who are ransomed back from ISIS or who manage to escape, two thirds report that they were sexually brutalized.  GMI can provide these survivors with targeted mental health services, intertwined with compassionate, humane maternity care. With your help, we can turn this time of great vulnerability into an opportunity for significant healing.

We are also committed to serving additional vulnerable populations in Iraq, especially those who have fled the city of Mosul, and eventually others around the world. Our unique and innovative model can be adapted for many types of complex emergencies and many types of communities. This is its greatest strength.

Children in Iraq

Please join us in supporting these women and babies.

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