Our Care Philosophy

Global Motherhood Initiative has adopted the Australian Mental Health Coordinating Council’s “Trauma Informed Care and Practice” strategic vision for the practice of integrated and trauma informed care for those affected by violence and harm.


Their approach, based on a compelling evidence base, shows that trauma informed care and practice aids recovery by producing collaborative, authentic and positive relationships between health providers and survivors which can restore core neural pathways. Interpersonal violence is associated with poor maternal mental health in the postpartum period, and psychosocial support throughout is key to prevention.


We pledge that each woman will be treated as an individual; our rights-based approach will ensure that we value and dignify each woman’s cultural background, beliefs and preferences. In line with our trauma informed care, we realize that a sense of safety is a prerequisite to supporting the resolution and integration of trauma for survivors and pledge to provide and hold this safe environment for each woman.

We offer evidence based trauma specific care, ensuring where appropriate, the collaborative incorporation of locally and culturally specific models of distress and healing.

We are committed to the total emotional and psychological health of each woman and child. The vital time of pregnancy and childbirth is especially challenging for women who have survived violence and trauma. In supporting each woman to have a healthy transition to motherhood, we recognize this as a crucial opportunity to prevent the transmission of intergenerational trauma, thus ensuring an enduring positive mental health for the wider community as well as the family.


Global Motherhood Initiative has adopted the research organization Childbirth Connection's “Transforming Maternity Care:  Vision for 2020.  [http://transform.childbirthconnection.org/vision/aims/]


Their research, based on the Institute of Medicine's framework for raising standards of medical care in the United States,  has shown that high-quality, high value maternity care is women-centered, safe, timely, effective, and equitable.  


We pledge that each woman will be treated as an individual, with her culture, background, and preferences respected and valued.  We offer evidenced based maternity care, in a gentle, loving environment, and are committed to the total health of each woman and baby.  GMI recognizes the transformative power of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. We see this important period as an opportunity to enhance the health not only of the mother/baby dyad, but of the family and community as a whole.